Saint Catherine's Story

During heavy rain in early 2019, Saint Catherine Church in Bouzy, Haiti, collapsed.  It had suffered severe damage in the the 2010 earthquake and through the years it became weaker and weaker until a heavy rain was too much for it to bear.  When living in extreme poverty, insurance is not an option.

In Bouzy, their church is the center of their universe.  When they are short on food to eat for the day, when clean water is scarce and even basic health care is absent in the midst of all their daily crises, the one constant was their beloved Church where they pray and give thanks.  To help our mission, we encourage you to buy tickets for our next event. If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved, contribute, or even travel to Haiti, reach out today.


Knights of Columbus  Good Samaritans

Father Claude became a Knight of Columbus when he visited us, telling us he "must have always been a Knight  without knowing it" because he believes in our principles of Charity, Unity and Fraternity and modeled his men's group, The Good Samaritans, after our Order.

We were able to host his degree ceremony in French using a video on the Supreme website.

Here you see the Good Samaritans of St. Catherine's wearing their uniforms of cloth the Knights of Columbus help fund.

In supporting our parish, Knights have been able to contribute Soccer balls, shirts, a Memorial Chalice, a Processional Cross, Rosaries, helped fund outreach for the Children at Christmas, helped the Good Samaritans make uniform shirts and even helped support seminarians who were being trained by Fr. Claude's predecessor, Fr. Hubert. 

Nicollet Assembly of the 4th Degree was a big part of that support.


God Is Good


Our Sister Parish Relationship

See St. Catherine's Before the Collapse

We invite you into relationship with our brothers and sisters of St. Catherine's.  Make a difference.  Be moved by the Holy Spirit.  Be the hands and feet of Christ.
Here you a get a glimpse of the Church before the collapse and the Spirit that is this wonderful community.


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